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Welcome to Practice Hawk Analytics your virtual consultant designed to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of your practice and show you the path of least resistance to greater profitability. By simply adding some data from your profit and loss statements and your dental software, you will receive an immediate analysis of your practice performance, with proven methods suggested to enhance your performance.

This information is based on trends identified by examining thousands of dental practice income statements, consultations with hundreds of dentists, and twenty years of actual dental practice ownership.

Practice Hawk Analytics is an inexpensive but effective tool to gain consultative analysis and access to sound advice to improve your bottom line and make practice ownership more manageable.

As our software program evolves, you will also be able to compare your results with other subscribers and see where you stand in relation to your peers. Are you paying too much for staff? Is your accounts receivable handled properly? Is your marketing program working well compared to others? These and many other unknowns will be revealed by your participation with the Practice Hawk Analytic program.

We expect that you will experience a 50% increase in profit in just three to six months. Use it for 30 days. Satisfaction is fully guaranteed, so there is no risk to you.